Thursday, May 12, 2011

You too can look like a celebrity!

Great news!!! Roots- they're in!?! 
That's right let those roots show....well, in a "ombre" sort of way!
(Umbre or Ombre) translated basically means, "a gradation of color/ an indefinite color"

Seen these looks lately?  Wonder what they're all about & whether you can pull it off?  We think you can & we've spent time in recent classes learning just how to do this ultra trendy look!
It's not just roots grown out, its an intricate technique of three colors roots, mid lengths and then ends....amazing, turn heads kind of look!
Bold, quite a difference between roots to end color....makes a statement

A bit more subtle, and on the lighter side of things....

She's been rockin' this look for quite some time, I guess it took us all a while to figure out how cool it was!

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